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Social Integration

To live a dignified life in Germany

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New society, new habits

Social Integration

Anyone who is new in Germany must be quickly introduced to the most important rules of social life in order to be able to move successfully in all areas of society. In addition to the language, which conveys the culture and way of life of the German people, everyday culture and many other aspects are important keys to a dignified life in Germany. The more systematically you are introduced, the faster and easier it is for you to adapt to the new life.

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Questions? You’re covered.

This is more that necessary. You are not alone. Remember that human being is a social being.

  • Information event
  • Guides- Mentoring
  • Buddy programs

Integration is an ongoing and very exciting practice. With MacoopA you will discover Germany intensively and become an important player for your own life, in the community and in society.

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